Friday, 9 November 2012


So I was watching TV the other day, as you do. I can't really remember what the show was - I was pretty deep into an insomniac fugue state at the time and only vaguely recall moving objects and the occasional shiny thing. At some point during the evening, the words 'super body' were said in relation to a pretty person. I remember that because my brain stirred and created a new superhero.

It's a really shit superhero, mind you. It would be really embarrassing and disappointing to cry out for help and be answered by a dead body. Oh, did I not mention Superbody is a corpse? He's a corpse. He tries hard but there are some challenges that can't be overcome. You know, like being dead.

I'm not entirely sure how it would play out, but I think it might go a little something like this.:

Don't get your hopes up.

Superbody flies through the night, buffeted by the wind and rain.

Gadzooks! A cry for help in the long dark!

What do you expect? He's dead.

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