Sunday, 25 November 2012

Oh, those pesky teenage pranksters.

The dogs didn't want to walk far because it's raining and they're afraid they'll melt.

So I get to watch an random episode of Glee! Haven't seen this show since the start of the third season, and this one I'm watching is episode six of season four. They're doing Grease! Whee! What fun.

Glee is so easy to watch, I don't have to think about anything, just l--

Wait, did that Poor Man's Quinn just tell Rachel 2.0 to binge and purge? Oh, GREAT. ISSUES. I just wanted to watch some pretty people fling themselves around to the songs of musicals. Now I have to look at this:

I don't want to be picky or anything, but throwing eating disorder triggers around on a teenage TV show isn't the best idea, no matter how much inspirational music they throw over the heart-to-heart which will inevitably happen next. I had issues with food until my mid-twenties, and if they wanted to show off what bulimia REALLY looks like, that girl would have her fingers so far down her throat her knuckles would be scraped bloody on her top teeth. Her eyes would be bloodshot and watering so much that it'd dribble down and mix with the bork on her chin.

JUST SAYIN', Y'ALL. Fuck, no one wants to see that anyway. Still, this girl is fishing around in her molars for that last delicious piece of Doritos, as far as I can see.

Apart from THAT, Glee is being super fun. I might recap it at some point, if anyone's interested. I like all the new players, and it's fun that half the old cast are around in various ways. Half? All. It's grand. And KATE HUDSON'S ABS should be credited separately. I think I got a new girl-crush. She just gave me blue tubes.


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