Monday, 12 November 2012


In other Once Upon a Time news, Red isn't having a great day.

She wakes up alone in the woods, draped in that curtain she insists on wearing.

Seriously, my Nana had the same pattern on her rug.

Then some douchebag in leather snatches the curtain while she's washing her face in the stream.

Maybe there's some kind of drape shortage in the Enchanted Forest.

The douchebag in leather decides to be an extra large prick about the whole cloak thing.

Magically appearing torch! Be a giant dick and things will happen for you.

They tussle when it transpires he knows about her special condition, and - I shit you not - he says: "I know a Child of the Moon when I see one." Oh, dude.

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Quinn (we learn, after he introduces himself) is a wolf as well, and he takes Red back to his cosy, sunken castle digs, where she's faced with a woman who is in dire need of both a hairbrush and a stylist.

Oh, she's also Red's mother.

I'll stop distracting myself now and go back to writing that HoD recap.


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