Monday, 26 November 2012

Dominoes, bitch.

So, I'm watching The Mentalist, and we jog onto a typical stakeout at a gang-house scene. As usual, the cops are parked outside in those vans that they must sell somewhere in bulk, doing their last minute serious talks about strategy and what-not. (Not that I'm being picky here, because I love The Mentalist, but honestly guys, if you're going to take down a notorious gang hideout, get your shit planned and sorted out before you're sitting outside in the vans.)

Then they all peel out of the vans with their guns and their vests and their shouting, kicking down the doors, all "FREEZE, CBI!" and then, and then I dissolved into a pile of giggles, because someone somewhere in the writer's room or on the production team decided that poker was too much of a cliche for the hardened criminals to be clustered around a squat table playing, and that they needed something fresh and unsullied.




DOMINOES! Dominoes aren't tough. Dominoes are things you stand up and make a line with then enjoy the satisfying noise they make when you push them down. No one actually knows how to play dominoes, especially not these bozos.

My Grandpa and Magneto, they're the only two people who know how to play dominoes.

And Billy Connelly. I don't know why.

Fucking dominoes. Hilarious.

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