Saturday, 16 February 2013


So, the most significant thing that happened this month is that River finally had her kittens. You guys, did you know kittens are teeny? Did you know they squeak?! They are the most darling things I have ever set eyes on, and I want to keep them all and become a crazy cat lady. The Spy isn't having any of it though, and 4/5 have homes to go to once they're nine weeks old. I am going to cry and cry and be sad forever.

But enough with the depressing stuff! Kittens!!!!!

That's River having a rest after delivering three of the five kittens. Khaleesi is her sister, just hanging out giving kitty support. It was the most adorable thing ;_;

I have nicknamed this one Fatty, because he's the biggest of the litter. Nicknamed in my head, blates. Apparently people like to name their own cats, whatevs.

Aunty Khaleesi stepping up to help feed the kittens. Albeit rather uselessly.

Sorry about the quality of this one, I swear I didn't take it with a potato. LOOK AT HIS WITTLE FACE!


Oh, all right. I'm a kitten. WHATCANISMELL?


So yeah, kittens happened.

Going through their birth with River was damaging. For me. Cats come out in embryonic sacs, so from where I was looking all I could see was River birthing a gloopy, inky black, shiny shadow that might or might not have been destined to go kill a gay pretender to the throne. But no, she ripped that sucker open and out came a kitty. Then Khaleesi ate the first placenta for her, while I dry-heaved. That wasn't pretty, y'all..

Don't worry, though! River got her fair share of veiny, thick placenta as well, since there's one per kitten.

They're a week old now, and I've just moved the nest from the spare room to our room where I can keep a better eye on them as they grow up a bit. There will be more kitty pictures as and when they decide to pose prettily for me.


Look at this. Just look at it:

Everything in moderation... Hurr hurr hurr
Doesn't that make you hungry?

My God, I would eat all of those delicious little bastards.

I want to be your friend, Zooey Deschanel.

WORD, ZD. Getting up and waking up is hard. We should really just all zombie-walk around and bump affectionately into each other until we feel capable of more complex interations.

And finally, before I climb back into bed for an hour (What? It's 8am on a Saturday, don't judge me) I will leave you with a NICE THOUGHT, because I am NICE like THAT:

peace, my lovelies x

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