Saturday, 16 February 2013

Daily.. motivation?

I am the most attractive I've ever been right now. Red. Sweaty. In pain. I just finished what turned out to be a WHORE OF A GRUELING workout. It was a DVD, so I sort of laughed like a 50's black & white movie star [You know what I mean, right? Ho! Ho! Ho ho ho! Like that] and felt superior. "I'm a runner," I thought. "I run. These silly DVD's are designed for people who are not runners! It'll have no benefit for me!"

I'm an arrogant, stupid, KNOW-IT-NOTHING. Considered me completely and utterly humbled.

I decided to work out rather than go to bed, but since my trainers are in the wash I couldn't go for a run, which is what lead to me flinging this fitness DVD across the room and into the Xbox. It's called.. HANG ON, LET ME GET IT.


..All right, so my legs won't work. I'll guess 'Ministry of Sound Hires a Steaming Hot Australian Chick from the Call on Me video to Destroy You with Aerobic and also Salsa moves that may or may not cause you to Fall Over your own Feet'.

Pretty sure it was something like that. I did the whole thing, start to finish - it was something like an hour and twenty minutes. Even when the perky Australian girl started to turn on me by making me jump around and do rib isolations and OH OH THIS ONE THING where you have to be in the squat position and then pulse your hips forwards until your thighs erupt into flames and you DIE.

I wouldn't stop because my damn pride wouldn't let me. Consequently I completed the whole thing without skipping any parts, including the push-ups, crunches and planks.

I have a healthy respect for fitness DVDs now.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go and have a long hot bath and cry for a while.


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