Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What I'm Watching Wednesday

Yesterday was traumatic. somehow knew I was mocking some of their more questionable products, and when I went to buy the things I'd spent all day choosing, my shopping basket was suddenly empty. EMPTY. Half of those things were impulse clicks, how the hell am I supposed to remember what I wanted to buy two hours ago when I was probably hungry?! That's just unreasonable. It was past one in the morning, so I cried a little and went to bed.


Today I have trawled back through all the sale pages and remembered most of the things I wanted. Two of them were wigs. I have exactly zero need for wigs, but for some reason I keep buying them. If I ever want to disappear, I'm set. I also bought a scarf that's also a hood, a masquerade mask (why? idk man) and a pair of tights that have tattoos all over them. Jesus, everything I've bought could be used as a disguise. Clearly I secretly want to run away and live a new life as a pink-haired, bemasked woman covered in leg tattoos. I'll discuss it with my therapist, don't worry.


There are so many good US TV shows on Tuesday nights, and I get to watch them on Wednesdays. I love Mathew Perry's new sitcom Go on, mostly because of Matthew Perry. I wasn't expecting to like it, but he's just so damn likeable. Today's episode involved a rather contrived plot involving a meditation retreat and off-colour jokes about boner cream, but there were three laugh-out-loud moments for me, and that's a rarity with TV shows. Usually if something funny happens I just exhale really fast down my nose in an amused fashion. The second laugh was a "HAH!" that was loud enough to startle the sleeping dog, and caused me to explain "That was funny," to her. Then I felt pretty dumb, because all she can understand is me making noises at her, and she can't eat those. Eating is her primary joy.

Smash finally got opening credits, and they're delightfully gay. Lots of twirling and flashing lights and rah-rah music. I still don't understand why they brought in Jennifer Hudson, but she's got a pretty voice, so I'm okay with it. I'm sure they have been waiting for my approval.

Raising Hope is an okay show, and today's episode was above average for them. Cloris Leachman is a treasure and I want to give her hugs.

Cougar Town continues to be a joy, despite the unfortunate name, though they recognise it's terrible and it's become a running joke in the opening credits. I like that, good on you, show. Don't take yourself too seriously. Though, as a person who has given up alcohol, watching people drink that much wine is depressing. Because I want to drink that much wine. But I have no self-control, so a glass turns into a bottle and then I'm running around semi-naked throwing garbage at the cops because it's hilare. Also, I want to play Penny Can. Someone play fucking Penny Can with me, for God's sake.

WHERE is my episode of New Girl?! I swear, US shows have the most frequent and baffling breaks. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE SOUP-A-BOWL. Hmph.

I still have Hart of Dixie, The Lying Game, and Bunheads to watch. They are.. not good shows. But they're guilty pleasures, don't fucking judge me.

And look! Twelve days old now!

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