Friday, 15 February 2013

Stopgap. No, stop it, gap.

I have been quiet for nigh on two months being a naughty blogger and also generally being struck by that thing you get every now and again, wherein you thought yourself a PRESUMPTUOUS POMPOUS PRICK for daring to think anyone would be interested in the shit that comes out of your brainpan, even when translated to blog form.

In any case, my ego is back now, so that's over. In the middle of a big post, but this is just a little hello to the three people who used to read this (one of the three is just me in incognito mode :(( ) Hope you're all WELL and SPIFFY, chaps.

Post inc. ETA - I don't even know, something might happen, like lunch, or I might be hit by a meteorite, but avoiding all those things, I guess I'll have it up in a couple of hours. (THINGS HUGH HEFNER SAYS.)

pce lovelies


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