Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday is for...

...overeating and then falling into a food coma.

I'm watching the new episodes of Red Dwarf (loving them!) with Socks, who has already succumbed to his catnip and crunchy treat coma.

I started recapping The Valleys last night, but had to watch a whole episode before going back and trying to transcribe the train wreck I was observing. It kind of made me want to push two pencils up my nose and then headbutt the desk. Granted, I wasn't feeling 100% last night, but it just seemed to be a blur of Welsh accents and tiny animated mini-dresses screaming at each other.

I might have another go this evening.

Also, I was playing Word Jewels on my phone earlier, when this happened:

Pfffhahahahahaha. Minge.

I'm such a child.

It's TIIIIME for Sunday afternoon NAAAAAAP!

I will execute a perfect swan-dive into the covers and be asleep by the time I hit them.


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