Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Socks, no shoes.

Socks is the most affectionate and demanding cat on the planet. I don't mind stroking him while I'm sitting at the computer, but it's reached a new level now. He gets very agitated if I'm not looking at HIM while fussing him. He reaches up his paw and boops me on the jaw until I look down at him:

"Slave-hooman. Hooman. Staahp looking at the screen! STAAHHP! Look at me with your eye holes. Hooman! There, that's better. See how adorable I am when you stroke me. Don't look away, you might miss a second of it. See how I reward you? I will drag my face across yours as a special treat!"

Mmm, wet and sharp treat, thank you, Socks.

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